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Welcome to our new and exciting project "Room of Nature" - a floating hotel room on Lake Orsa.

The room is unique and located close to the nature. It is simply equipped with a chemical toilet, sink with running water, refrigerator and limited electricity (12V) which is sufficient for for example charging a mobile phone. There are beds for max. 2 persons.


In order to reach the room, you need to paddle out with a canoe.

Included in the price: canoe rental and breakfast.

Check-in between 15.00-18.00
check-out no later than 11.00


Bookings are by phone 0250-44 260, or email info@kungshaga.se


Note! Since the room is located in the water, we reserve the right in case of severe weather to cancel your stay in the hotel room on the water and will instead offer you one of our "regular" hotel rooms.